“A church you can call home.”

Newark Valley United Church of Christ 32 S. Main Street •  Newark Valley, NY 13811 •

Phone: 607-642-5520 ………. email: officenvucc@stny.twcbc.com

(formerly First Congregational Church of Newark Valley)

How to find us:

From Rt. 79 (Ithaca / Whitney Point): Take Rt. 38S in Richford. After Berkshire, NV UCC will be on the right in Newark Valley after the light.

From Rt. 17 (Binghamton / Elmira): Take Rt. 38N in Owego. NV UCC will be on the left as you enter Newark Valley. (From either direction, you’ll see the steeple as you come into town.)

Park on street in front or in the lot behind the fellowship hall (look for blue “office / parking” sign).

What are our beliefs?

The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a liberal / progressive mainline Protestant denomination. NV UCC is one of the area’s oldest congregations (founded in 1807), which holds like-minded beliefs. Those beliefs include: the Holy Spirit guides us in loving one another and the world, that the Risen Christ invites us to join him in his ongoing work, and that we take the Bible and the lessons it has to offer seriously.

Of those lessons, these three are the foundation of how we live as a congregation: 1) Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. 2) Love your neighbor as yourself. 3) We’re all students of Jesus. All three are works in progress. We don’t pretend to “have all of the answers,” however, we are earnest in our efforts to grow as individuals and as a community of faith. As we continue to grow, we have the sense that we are to take part in building a healthy local community. If that’s of interest to you, too, join us.

Oh, and we’re also known to put on really good dinners.


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